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Áirc Midlands is a voluntary run group set up to support children with disabilities and those within their support circle.

It is one of very few umbrella groups that covers all forms of additional need or long-term illness and provides its support in response to individual requirements. This means that support can be given emotionally, educationally, socially, financially or in the form of advocacy or representation.

Past activities include the provision of emergency respite, family fun days, workshops for parents, equipment and therapy subsidies, inclusive and accessible children's parties, information fairs, first aid for carers and much more.

We also work with others involved in the fields of disability and community to raise awareness and improve the quality of lives of children with disabilities and their families at both a local and national level.

As a self-funded organisation, we are constantly creating fun and innovative fundraising methods and events, but we cannot stress enough the importance that our community plays in supporting us.


Our committee is made up of the family and friends of children and young adults with additional needs so all our funding is directed exactly where it needs to go. Not a cent is wasted, and nobody can stretch a euro like our treasurer. Every donation is of huge importance to us and will be spent in the local area on services that will directly improve the quality of lives of the families we support.


Would you like to help us?

Spot Prizes: Product, Service, Experience etc.


We are looking for local companies who would generously donate a spot prize for our upcoming Hero Awards. This event will run in January to launch our Year of Self Care. Kids with additional needs and their carers have had it particularly rough during the Covid-19 experience and we would like to promote 2021 as being the year we really encourage and facilitate families taking carer of their mental, physical and emotional health. The awards will be a small way of helping by allowing kids and carers to be nominated by people who want to highlight what champions they have been and how appreciated they are.

There will be the Hero awards (18yrs+) and the Little Hero Awards.

Voucher Books


We would like to develop a voucher book that could be put into our carer packs annually with coupons for products or services that our families might find useful. Could be a free treatment if you get your hair highlighted, free car wash with a service, coffee and a muffin for a discounted price in a cafe, buy one get one free, free print with an original painting etc.. It really is adaptable to each individual business so it’s at your discretion. This would be of mutual benefit, which is how we try to work where possible. Communities supporting communities. Have fun with your ideas and be as creative as you like!


Donation of products, services, experiences


Your company could donate excess stock for our carers/kids packages. Donate tickets or an experience to be given to a particularly vulnerable family. You might have a building we could use for office/storage space (an imperative need of ours at the moment!). When life returns to some sort of normality post Covid-19 you might like to donate entertainment or food for an event? The skies the limit and you would be surprised at what we can make use of. We didn’t get to be the group we are without a bit of resourcefulness, a splash of creativity and a large bucket of imagination, so check in with us at aircmidlands@gmail.com to tell us your ideas.


One off cash donation


Donations can be made via PayPal to aircmidlands@gmail.com

If you wish your donation to be ring-fenced for a particular project you may put that in the notes on your payment or email us directly as the same address. All monies are gratefully received and no matter how big or small we can do great things with it.


Recurring donation/Sponsorship


This is a regular payment and you can set this up by emailing our treasurer at dinaaircmidlands@gmail.com and our treasurer will get back to you to organise that.

All company/corporate donations exceeding €250 will automatically entitle the donor to have their logo and company description on our website!


Thanks for reading!



Tel: 0851194041 or 0854708741 

Email: aircmidlands@gmail.com 







Hi folks. 


It is with a heavy heart that we are stopping activities until the Coronavirus threat is under control. Due to many of our amazing Áirc kiddos being a bit more vulnerable than the general population, it's better for us to be safe than sorry. Many of our volunteers and committee are also Mammies or Daddies of those kids too. 




We know it's going to be tough over the next while but we will keep in touch and we are working on a few things for you guys that you can access online or have posted to you. Bear with us while the team puts ideas together for that! If you have any suggestions or requests let us know. 




Keep an eye on our social media or website. 


Stay safe, wash hands lots and if anybody needs us just call, text or private message. We are always here for you guys x


Angela, Theresa and the amazing Áirc Midlands committee xxx




Tel: 0851194041 (Angela)


Tel: 0894708741 (Theresa)


Email: aircmidlands@gmail.com



ÁIRC Midlands is a voluntary group which was set up to not only provide support to children with additional needs, but also their support circle which can include family, friends, teachers, therapists, neighbours and so on. 

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