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August is Áirc Month!!!

😊🌞🌈💙💜🌼🌸🎉🎊 We know how tough it can be during the summer holidays and especially in August, it can be hard to find activities that are inclusive and accessible (not to mention expensive). So, we at Áirc Midlands are super excited to announce our second Áirc Month which runs in the month of August each year. To book your kiddies into an Áirctivity, pop over and check out our Website, Instagram or Facebook pages for all the details of each Event or Áirctivity and how to book. You will also find a handy calendar for you to print and pop on your fridge so you can see at a glance what we have organised for our Áirc Midlands families 😊🌈🌞💜🌼⚽️🌸🏊‍♂️🎊🌞🎊

Coffee Morning

Penguin Club

All Ability Horse Riding

Fine & Gross Motor Play Group

Kidz & Co.

Arts & Crafts

ÁIRC Midlands is a voluntary group which was set up to not only provide support to children with additional needs, but also their support circle which can include family, friends, teachers, therapists, neighbours and so on. 

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