Hi there. I have recently joined with AIRC midlands as Parent Support Coordinator. I am a Psychotherapist and I am also a parent of a wonderful, beautiful, funny, quirky child Bella who happens to have an ASD diagnosis. Bella has a rarely diagnosed form of ASD in the form of Pathological Demand Avoidance or ( PDA ). It’s a very challenging condition to live with both for Bella and her siblings, in that if demands are placed on Bella, she will become anxious and seek to avoid these at all costs, which can sometimes present in the form of challenging behaviour, anger or avoidance. As a result of this it’s important for all in our house to have our outlets for self-care. It takes a village to raise a child and even more so when it comes to living with a disability. It can be a lonely and isolating place living with disability but it doesn’t have to be, ÁIRC provide a community of support by parents who get somewhat the struggles. I’m excited to come on board to help families live a more rewarding life. As Family Support Coordinator I will be looking at ways of improving life for not only the child with the disability but also the parents and the siblings. If anyone would like to contact me feel free to do so at 0852528201.


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