My name is Angela and I'm a co-founder of Áirc. Currently PRO and trying to get our advisory board up and running. 

I've been with Áirc right from day 1 and am one of the original founders from when we started it up way back in 2009 in Mayo. I have a great love of Áirc and I feel very personally invested in nurturing it until it reaches its full potential so any ideas are always welcome. No idea is too big, too small or too wacky (in fact wacky is often the best craic for us). 

I am mum to Jake who is 15 years old. Jake was born with Down syndrome and an AVSD (he had a full repair and further mitral valve rebuild so feel free to ask any questions about that). He was later diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 and he attends St Hilda's Special School in Athlone which he absolutely loves. He is, without doubt, the best thing to ever happen to me and the best person I know. He is tenacious, cheeky, loving and mischievous and I can't believe I'm lucky enough to be his mum.


Jake would be diagnosed as having a "severe" disability. I don't really like the use of that kind of label but it's the one we have to use sometimes. He has high support needs and is non-verbal. He is also a wheelchair user. I have a vested interest therefore in making sure that ALL levels and types of additional need are catered for and I should probably have the word Inclusion tattooed on my forehead. I promise that any issues regarding Inclusion will always be given my full attention, so if you have any queries or ideas about that then please let me know. In fact, when we named ourselves the Áirc we did so as it's the Irish for Ark and on an ark, everyone is represented and taken care of. We leave no child behind.  

I am always up for the chats so feel free to call me, email me or text me if you need to. I can lend an ear for rants, tears, laughs and ideas anytime. Don't be shy and welcome to the Áirc xx 


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