05. July 2019
Rant Alert!!! Do you know what I'm sick and tired of....shops advertising "Autism Friendly Days". For a few reasons. 1) There are literally thousands of different types of syndromes, conditions, spectrums and illnesses that make up the special needs world. Where are your "friendly" days for them??? How long do I have to hang out for a "Down Syndrome Friendly" day or an "ADHD friendly" day. 2) Are you only friendly to children with autism on that one day? Are the parents to be grateful for your...
18. April 2019
This morning I read an article written by a friend about anxiety. How difficult giving birth and motherhood can be when anxiety is hanging over you. She was very brave to expose herself that way and I'm proud of her. I don't suffer from anxiety, many of my friends do. I don't suffer from depression, many of my friends do. I suffer from coping. I'm that woman that everyone looks at and thinks "How is she so strong?" "She is always laughing" "She's so funny" The whole world sees a coper. So, what...

09. April 2019
Let me tell you about the last hour in my house... I'm cleaning upstairs, with very little enthusiasm because I'm off to Barcelona with my girlfriends in two days, so don't really care if my children have to live in their own croissant crumbs and yoghurt drips, when there is a huge crashing sound and the most ear piercing scream from Toby, followed by complete shouting hysterics. Oh my god!! I race down the stairs at a million miles an hour, nearly went to Barcelona on crutches...to find that a...
20. March 2019
For today's blog, I'm going to tell you about my trip to the hospital last week. As most of us Tiger Mums know, hospitals and doctors are the bane of our lives. We never wanted them but they've become a permanent fixture and each appointment is carefully logged and planned for. I'm good at the logging part, planning....not so good. Toby has hearing issues. For six years we have had countless hearing tests, five attempts at grommets (he has Stuart Little ears, even grommets wont fit in) and...

02. March 2019
So, I think its time to tell the world about our home and how every family is different. My family is different. Sometimes, even a bit wonky. Theres a reason why God invented unconditional love!! We live in a beautifully renovated 100yr old schoolhouse. As you approach the front porch you're assailed with the smell of colourful, fragrant flowers, and met with the sight of beautifully manicured hedges, right up to our bright red door with a huge brass knocker to announce your arrival. Absolute...
10. May 2018
Diary of a Tiger Mum

12. October 2017

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