Diary of a Tiger Mum

So, I think its time to tell the world about our home and how every family is different. My family is different. Sometimes, even a bit wonky. Theres a reason why God invented unconditional love!!

We live in a beautifully renovated 100yr old schoolhouse. As you approach the front porch you're assailed with the smell of colourful, fragrant flowers, and met with the sight of beautifully manicured hedges, right up to our bright red door with a huge brass knocker to announce your arrival. Absolute heaven...

At that bright red door is where that perfect image ends. Open the door and you're met with noise, chaos, laughter and tears, and more often than not, me shouting. 

Firstly, there are too many chromosomes in this house. Theyre everywhere. Dog chromosomes, cat chromosomes, husband chromosomes, the children have an extra chromosome each just to up the ante!!

Toby has Down Syndrome. His extra chromosome has meant 8yrs of nappies, no speech, running being far too much effort for him, sensory confusion and a frustration that I have never felt before.  But, its a golden chromosome because hes cute, kind, sweet natured, extremely charming and gives hugs that people queue up for. 

Lacey has Chromosome 9.  An extremely rare condition that we can only guess at. Her extra chromosome provides us with a temper that is a sight to behold, no patience, swearing, no filter AT ALL, and a child that barely tolerates anything academic. But, she is also fiercely independent, extremely smart and beautiful. She is also a comedy genius. Often using me as her subject....

If you throw in a husband, and numerous domestic pets, you have a recipe for complete and utter bedlam on a daily basis!!


Strangely, its fun. 

Weirdly, I still want to get up in the morning.

Oddly, I laugh far more than I cry. 

But most of all I love it far more than people imagine I would. Through all the nappies (15,000 at the last count), the screaming tantrums, the not being able to go to a restaurant unless they serve chicken nuggets (Toby has a food range of twelve items), the sleepless nights six years in, the constant fight for services, the milestones that never really get ticked, the apologising when Lacey calls the shop assistant a rude name, through all of that...life goes on. It doesnt fall apart, it just goes on.

And my children are affectionate, and funny, and think life is one big adventure, thats good enough for me.

They also look as cute as hell.

When they're asleep. 

Chat again soon!! 💜💜💜

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