Diary of a Tiger Mum

Four weeks in....


Summer school holidays, how's everyone doing? I realised today that we have four weeks done and in this house we're doing ok. I've learnt over the years to minimise the fallout, mostly mine. I stay off Facebook where I'm constantly reminded of all the things I cant do with my children. We make the effort to get out once a day, to the park, for a walk, and we go to every Áirc event we can. I try to ignore the rain. I talk to my Mum and Angela frequently to keep my mind light. I do what I can. Because my mental well-being is the most important thing in this house, if I start to fall everybody falls. 


But there are frustrations... can't get out of the house to get my hair cut, no chance for exercise, no me time, tired ALL the time. Things that other people seem to manage and yet I just cant seem to get a grasp of. 


Then there's my children. They like routine, they love school, they need to be constantly stimulated or they regress developmentally. Toby is using destruction as a distraction, pulling my kitchen apart, emptying anything he can get his hands on. Only eating chicken nuggets and mash (If I have to even look at another potato) and generally being a little wrecker. Lacey is trying to break me verbally, needing to know what we're doing every second of the day, with the questions starting before I've even opened my eyes. 

Its safe to say, I'm exhausted. 


But... watching them play in the garden is a joy. Seeing Toby's face the first time he went down a water chute at Centerparcs this week had the whole pool smiling. Getting surprise random cuddles fabulous. Seeing Lacey play with her cousins and Toby signing "Friends" when he saw them, gave me a warm feeling inside.  Getting to the end of another day and realising I was an awesome parent once again, fills me with pride.


We're doing it. We're getting through the holidays, by the skin of our teeth we will make it to September.


For those of you who are struggling, remember, Áirc is here to help. Bring your children to our many events, message us if you have questions, call us if you need someone to listen. We're always here, and every one of you is awesome too xxx


I wont share my Gin though. I'm an awesome parent but I haven't quite got the hang of sharing yet.  💜💜💜

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    Nicola (Friday, 26 July 2019 16:06)

    Love it denise❤❤ we're doing good here too, July provision helped, horse riding and cinema with airc�

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