Diary of a Tiger Mum

Ode to The Husband....


When I wrote my last blog, The Husband commented that he never gets mentioned, he even sulked a little. So, I am dedicating this chapter to him.


Let me tell you about The Husband. We are a traditional family, as in, he earns the money and I stay home and shape the next generation. In fact, we are almost Victorian in our family dynamic. If The Husband had his way, he would come home to a prepared pipe, warmed by the fire slippers, and two children in matching pyjamas sitting cross-legged on the rug where he can regale them with stories of his stressful but adventurous day (there would be dragons), before they happily trot off to bed discussing "How very wonderful and tally ho our father is".


In reality he comes home to a stressed wife, trying to empty the dishwasher whilst Toby screams at every plate knocking together and is greeted by a Lacey, of the bouncing off the walls variety. No one cares whether he fought dragons, or his feet are cold. Mummy just wonders how quickly he can rustle her up a Gin and Tonic...


He couldn't tell you anything about our children's health, their schoolwork, what size clothes to buy or shoes to wear.  If he ever dresses them the combination of clothes he puts them in would often put Vivienne Westwood to shame!  The bottom line is he can be intensely annoying!!


But, here's the really irritating thing...he is by far our children's favourite parent!!! He comes home from work like a conquering hero and they treat him like he just discovered penicillin. Climbing all over him, showering him with hugs and kisses, laughing at his jokes, copying his dance moves. How can this be?? All the effort I put in?? 


But, I know why. Because hes strong, and capable, and an excellent father. Hes confident and imaginative, a real fun father. Because he loves both children with a ferocity that means I know no harm will ever come to them.  Hes also a great husband, holding me up when I cant take another step, supporting me in the decisions I make, creating Team Pullum.  We are a force to be reckoned with. 


So yes, hes annoying. Yes, hes Victorian. Yes, he has questionable taste in trouser length. But, he's my back bone and I love the miserable old man xxx


He also makes a mean gin and tonic.

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    Noemi Pearce (Monday, 05 August 2019 10:22)

    A wonderful tribute to an equally wonderful man written by an amazing woman for putting up with it all ��

  • #2

    Nicola (Monday, 05 August 2019 12:19)

    Gorgeous denise xx

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