Diary of a Tiger Mum

As I write this Toby is screaming at the noise of the dishwasher being loaded and Lacey is screaming at, well i don't know what she's screaming at but if she calls me a liar one more time....


Lots of posts on here about health workers, and retailers and other key workers who are being so brave to keep us alive. In a crisis humans really come into their own. THANK YOU xxx


But I feel there's a section of society that's not being applauded for what they're about to take on. 




Yes, yes, I know, we're parents, its our job to care for our children. But in the coming months we will also become teachers, and medical experts, and exercise instructors, and nutritionists, and entertainers, and hygiene specialists, accountants when the salaries dry up, mediators and referees when the family want to kill each other, we will be responsible for shielding our children from the fear and danger of this virus. We will even become toilet roll distributors and experts in 101 ways to prepare pasta! Most of all we will have to Stay Calm and Carry On. 


There will be no respite, no school, no playgrounds or soft play areas, no extended family to help, no Summer weather, no trips out, no me time. Those treats we allowed ourselves are gone, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, nail salons, coffee shops, the gym, the pool. From here on in for many months we are responsible for our families 24/7 taking on plenty more roles along the way. 


But, we are all in the same boat. For the first time ever parents no matter their children's disabilities, abilities, age, race or preference for nothing but chicken nuggets, will stand together and make it through. 


Because at the end of the day, despite politicians thinking they will be the ones to save the world, actually its us, the people bringing up the next generation that will ensure there's a future. 


To all of you, what you are about to do is simply awesome, stay safe and stay sane xxx

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